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!! Increase Your Business Ranking In Google !!

This is from Dev Basu at Web Marketing Today…

“_In October 2010, Google slowly started rolling out a new local
search results format which combined organic results with information
from Google Places, thereby integrating the two into one combined

_This has brought about two key complaints amongst business owners I
speak to:_

* _*Good Organic, but Poor Places Optimization*. I used to have top
organic rankings even above local results at times, but now my organic listing has not integrated with my place page listing,
forcing my results down the 1st page to around the 7th-9th
position._ * _*Poor Organic, but Good Places Optimization*. I used to have a great ranking in the 7-pack of Google maps results, but since the
change I have been pushed back to the 2nd page and beyond.”_

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