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This is the practical, website “do-it-yourself” manual for the rest of
us. Visitors are the life blood of every website. If you are
wondering how to drive traffic to your website, this book offers 55
Actions you can take – explained so that anyone can understand them –
to get your website to the top of search results. The author assumes
you don’t want to spend a dollar more on your website until you see
results, and that you don’t have a deeply technical background, but
still wish to understand what every business owner needs to know about
how search engines work. Whether you are a Director of Marketing
wanting to boost your career or a one-person plastic surgeon in
upstate New York looking for new customers, these 55 tips will help
you drive traffic to your website. All of them are effective and
applied over time, will keep traffic coming to your website for years.
Even after reading the Table of Contents, you’ll want to make the
first changes to your website.
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