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Blogs, niche marketing, and self publishing all collide in Triad
Manifesto: A Tale of Three Cash Cows. This is the author’s first-hand
account of how he defined and dominated a niche online and put over
$1-million in his pocket in the process. Fun, humorous and
enlightening, the manifesto walks you through the process to
understand how you can apply what you know and what you love doing to
create your own KILLER CASH COWS and begin living a reward Internet
home business lifestyle. This is not a how-to guide. The goal of
Triad Manifesto: A Tale of Three Cash Cows is to take you by the hand
and show you the opportunity as it applies to you. If you are
interested in building a significant, sustainable income, author David
Bynon shows you exactly how it’s done… It magically unfolds before
your eyes and motivates you to take action.’
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