Obama the Liar in Chief

Obama: Liar In Chief

The header graphic on this blog is a picture of President Obama. I picked that header not so much because I had a beef with Obama (I do), but mainly because he is President and the human face of our government at the moment.

I already long knew Obama was a liar. He has not fulfilled one campaign promise that he made. He has taken up the mantle of Bush II and in fact as many pundits have stated, is worse than Bush.

I knew he had betrayed the country (the people I mean, not the big business fat cats) on health care. It was pretty conclusive that he had bargained away a single payer system long before the Senate started debating it. Now, one of his own has outed him.

In a recent interview, former Sen. Tom Daschle confirmed that Obama cut a secret deal with the health care industry. He even said so in his soon to be released book.

To read the whole story summarized by Glenn Greenwald, go here.

Obama: Another Lying Liar Outed