More lies! The US government has told the American people that it can build an empire and pay for it with debt. Instead of raising taxes to pay for this countries foreign military adventures, and pay for a defense establsihment that is bigger than the rest of the world combined,  our government borrows the money.

Wake up people! Who do you think is going to pay this debt off? You are paying for it now by the constantly decreasing purchasing power of the dollar. By spending money on unnecessary defense, instead of on much needed infrastructure here at home. Our defense budget is over 54% of the budget now folks. Enough!

A great article today by Damon Vrabel. Here is an excerpt…

“The United States has a foreign debt obligation exponentially larger than Germany’s, which was universally recognized as extreme and unpayable. So what adjectives should be used to describe the US’ debt? Everyone also recognizes that Germany’s debt led to its dictatorship, which in turn led to WWII and its eventual foreclosure by foreign powers to collect for the creditors and force it under a new central banking establishment. So what future is the US moving toward?

As John Adams warned long ago, debt is a great way to enslave countries.

Maintaining Clarity

Knowing it was under attack but unclear of the real enemy, the German population was stirred into a paranoid fear of itself, its Jewish members in particular. The same thing is happening in the US as the left vs. right civil war has never been so extreme. And the corporate class, who in 08/09 received the biggest welfare program in history, is now blaming unions and the lower class for the pennies in welfare they receive. The media is also stoking the Christian vs. Muslim fight to keep the masses distracted. And now there are glimpses of a movement to stir opinion against the Jews – the scapegoat the multi-national banking elite has always hidden behind.

The answer is very simple. Thomas Jefferson explained it over 200 years ago. The problem is not Muslims, Jews, unions, the left, or the right. That’s all a distraction. The problem is the aristocracy controlling and restructuring the masses through banks, corporations, and other financial institutions (emphasis added). Jefferson said they’re more dangerous than standing armies. To bring his accurate metaphor up to date, big armies like JPM Chase, Goldman Sachs, and the IMF fight the main battle, hedge funds like Soros stand ready to run bombing raids, and the Banks of China and Japan control the WMDs. The US is getting a taste of the neoliberalism it has forced on other countries for decades, and if it steps out of line, a financial version of payback for Hiroshima may be on the horizon.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

Let me be clear. Big business is the enemy. The corporate control of our government, that’s right, I said control, is  killing us. The recent Supreme Court rulings on political contributions allows them to hide now. And they, the corporations, are taking advantage. Read this in the Washington Post today. Interest group spending is up FIVE FOLD since 2006. And much of it secret.