Twitter Sentiment

twitter sentiment

Twitter sentiment is a term that is used to express, and truly keep track of, how individuals feel concerning topics and brands. You should utilize Twitter Sentiment to tap into feelings and tactically plan your social networking technique for greatest effect. Below are a few tools to follow Twitter Sentiment.

Twitter Sentiment – Named after the information it’s calculating, Twitter Sentiment permits customers track brands referred to on Twitter. You key in a search phrase, your business name for example, and the application highlights all good and bad tweets which contain that phrase. It also places them in a chart for convenient comparison.

This tool lists the tweets and color codes them – green for good sentiment, red for bad. This is beneficial because it allows you to see exactly how it is evaluating the posts. You are able to make positive changes to Twitter sentiment additionally it allows you to search for a particular date range. You can find this free tool at


It’s also a great program since you can then follow or reply to related tweets and use it to build your following and work together on the internet.

Social Mention

This particular program permits people to track terms, or company names, to determine if they are getting talked about on the internet. It then ranks the term by:

* Strength: the likelihood your brand has been discussed

* Sentiment: A ratio of positive to bad sentiment

* Passion: Calculates the reality that individuals will discuss your brand consistently

* Reach: Measures your scale of impact.

It also lists unique authors, how long individuals mentioned the key phrase and prime users. Like Twitter Sentiment, it lists the tweets that it used to create your data.


Twendz is a service that works like many of the other twitter sentiment analytical programs. It updates every minute and evaluates up to 70 tweets at a time. It looks for sentiment and tracks trends. They also have a We twendz pro service that watches, measures and evaluates strategic brand results.

Twitrratr (Pronounced Twitter Rater)

Twitrratr is a sentiment program too and it reduces the key word into:

* Positive

* Neutral

* Negative

* Total tweets.

Simply enter your search term and obtain your results. Like the other programs, it provides the information it used to develop the information. It’s a great way to monitor your brand, keyword phrases and to find out what people say about your topic. It’s also a nice way to find others that you follow and friend.

Twitter sentiment can be helpful to track how individuals are responding to your brand or your competition’s brand. It’s also an excellent research tool to learn what key terms people make use of, and what they’re speaking about in your business. This information can be used to create content and to help build your online community. If you are using social media consistently, then these are some great tools to use.