The Myth of Social Media

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Why do you think I am stating that should you not use social media to promote your local business? I mean, Web 2.0 is the latest, greatest, right? Common knowledge is, that if you are not doing it you are making a huge mistake, the “it” being Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn,Blogger, Tumblr, and on, and on….

I am going to tell you something shocking. I am telling you not to use social media. It is a big mistake (for most of you). Do you think I am crazy? What I just said goes against 99% of what internet marketers are telling you. Well read on. Here is why I think social media can be a big mistake for a local business person.

Why Social Media Does Not Work (for most local business owners)

In short, the answer is…..Time.

Posting and writing takes time. Time is everyone’s most valuable resource. For a business owner, particularly a small business owner, it is the one thing he or she NEVER has enough of. And the truth is, to do social media well, it takes time.  It requires commitment.

You cannot do social media inconsistently or half-heartedly. While you can do other types of marketing inconsistently and get away with it, social media is much different. It’s all about “the now”.

I say “the now”  because if you do not keep up with social media what happens is that when a prospective customer comes across your Twitter or Facebook page, and you have not posted to it in 6 months, that customer is going to look elsewhere. They are going to think, ” this place is out of business.”

Social media is about building relationships, and relationships do not grow if you do not pay constant attention to them.

Here is what I recommend a local small business person should be doing in regards to internet marketing .

Choose 2 or 3 methods of marketing and be good at them, before you get overwhelmed by the million and ten other things you COULD be doing with your time.

As marketing guru Nicole Dean says, don’t become bogged down struggling with the “shoulds”.

  • I “SHOULD” be doing article marketing.
  • I “SHOULD” be guest blogging.
  • I “SHOULD” be doing press releases.
  • I “SHOULD” be doing social marketing.
  • I “SHOULD” be doing video marketing.

Set Your Goals as an Internet Marketer

The entire POINT of marketing an offline business is to get local search results, to be number one in your business category. Heck, I do internet marketing for a living and even I cannot keep up with everything. Set your goal for internet marketing, which for a local business should be three things, or what I call the “Triple Whammy”;

  • be in the magic 7 (first page) of the Google Places results
  • be in the top 3 of the SERPS (organic results)
  • be in the Adwords column (PPC)

These 3 things get your business name seen 3 times on one page. To get there, stick with two or three marketing methods, and do them well.

What are the three marketing methods that I think a local business owner needs to concentrate on to achieve the “triple whammy”?

  • article marketing
  • a blog

Every single one of the above marketing methods can be outsourced cheaply.

While social media can be a good thing, I think social media is still in the experimental stage and is too time consuming for a local business person to get wrapped up in it. It will eat up a lot of your time and provide few benefits in terms of increasing the bottom line.

Get some solid marketing methods in place first. Get your business on the first page of the local search results and in the top 7 of Google Places. Then you can think about starting a social media program.


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