film distribution

Right now you should be building your list. In this post we are going to discuss your film’s script, and how you can use it to build your list, and your fans.

First, I suggest that you get some overage on your script. Get it as close as to where you want it to be, and then have some experienced people in the industry take a look at it. For a detailed post about what “coverage” is, go here.

To get coverage for your script, here are some good sources.

You should be able to get 3 coverages completed for less than $200. I would get coverage from at least 3 different sources. After you get their feedback, make the changes you think are necessary.

First, contact the current members on your list. Let them know that they are getting first dibs on participating. I would allow 3-4 weeks for comments to get back to you. Keep up a continual series of posts and let people comment. Don’t get thin skinned over this. You are certainly going to get a lot of comments that you don’t like.

Next, publish an ad on Facebook targeting film buffs nationwide. Test different ads. Basically though, you want to entice people to come to your website, sign up, and give you their feedback on your script. Use you your promotional giveaways as an attraction to get people to visit your site.

As you receive comments, respond to them and make any changes you agree with. Talk about what you do and do not agree with. Be patient.

having your list/fan base participate in development of your script will pay off, believe me. This participation will make them feel like they have a real investment in your film, and they most certainly will want to view the final product.

Go back and read all of the Film Making in Reverse posts to be sure you are up to speed on everything. You are going to be spending some money now, not a lot, but there is no sense in wasting bucks because you have forgotten to do something.

Next up, getting your video promo to go viral!