Obama took to the airwaves yesterday with a new proposal to stimulate
the economy. He believes that a business investment tax credit,
coupled with the previously proposed R&D tax credit, will stimulate
the economy and create jobs. The problem is that most economists
disagree with him. I do too.

I do agree that the US needs business investment to take place. But
that is not nearly enough. There is a huge structural deficit that
needs to be fixed and investment tax credits alone will not fix it.
The strucrtural problem is that the jobs that have been lost have gone
for good. Consumers spending more will not bring them back. More
consumer spending will only increase the huge trade deficit we already

America needs to revitalize its manufacturing base. We need to
manufacture the products our consumers need here at home. To do that
we need;

Investment tax credits that must be spent here

Jobs Training

A much more stringent import tariff system

By all means implements the investment tax credits. Create a jobs
training. How? Cut defense spending by 50%. Bring our troops home. The
savings would easily cover the tax credits and a job training program.
$300 billion dollars would pay to hire the 15 million now unemployed
and pay them $20k a year to train for a new job. Funnel the money
through small business via a direct payment system.

And get us out of NAFTA and curb our imports.

Will this happen? I think not. Why? Because Obama is just a shill for
the corporate elite that run this country, as is Congress. They are
not going to do anything to disturb the ruling classes profits or

But sooner or later the system is going to come crashing down. And
their lies will no longer profit them. Lets hope the ruling class get
their just desserts when it happens.

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