Americans are Stupid and Lazy!

Why do I say that? Because the general populace stupidly continues to
support the corporate/political establishment, in spite of;

-An unemployment rate of over 20%
-A devaluing dollar (loss of 33% in value since 2002)
-A widening gap between rich and poor (biggest gap of any industrialized nation)
-A falling wage base (adjusted for inflation, the average wage earner
makes less than he/she did in 1970)

You are stupid because you keep letting Big Business and the
politicians rip you off and plunder this country for their own
benefit. Consider this; While profits for all types of industries have
soared to a 25-year high, employees’ wages and living standards are
actually backsliding. The median salary for a full-time worker is $475
a week, down 1 percent from a year ago and 4.6 percent below its 1979
level. Median family income dropped 7 percent, from $39,696 in 1989 to
$36,959 in 1993, while the stock market rose almost 50 percent over
the period.

So yes, my fellow Americans, you are STUPID!

And you are Lazy because you continue to listen to these politicians
who spout lies and offer you broken promises. Government no longer
represents the people. There is only one political party in this
country now, and that is the party of the rich and powerful, the
ruling class. As Governor George Wallace said in 1968, “there ain’t a
dime’s worth of difference” between the Republican and Democratic
parties. Both the Democrats and Republicans are controlled by Big
Business. Heck, even a few of the politicians have slipped and
admitted as such publicly, on camera!

Americans, you are lazy because you don’t get off of your obese butts
and find out what is going on. You listen to the main stream media for
your news and information, which by the way is controlled by who? Big
Business! In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all
news media in the U.S. Today? Only 5 huge corporations — Time Warner,
Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom
(formerly CBS) — now control most of the media industry in the U.S.
General Electric’s NBC is a close sixth.

Americans are stupid and lazy because they sit around, moaning about
how bad things are getting, but offer no solutions on how to fix our
screwed up country. Or, there solution is to cry and wail about “what
the government is going to do.” The answer is the government is not
going to do squat. The US government is controlled by a ruling class
elite, and all they are interested in is making more money, getting
more power, and taking care of themselves. They are not going to do
squat for John Q. Public. They could care less!

Well, I am not lazy and I am not stupid. You want a blueprint to fix
what’s wrong with America? And, no I am not one of those tea partiers
that want to do away with government. That is NOT going to happen
people. I am also not some survivalist that wants armed insurrection.
That plays right into the ruling class’ hands. They already have camps
set up to lock people up who try to go that route. But there are
changes that can be made, if enough people get up the courage to take
action, and kick the ruling class out of office.

But replace the ruling class with who, to do what? Here is my
blueprint for change. You might disagree with part, or all, of this
blueprint. You might call it prejudiced, or unfair. That may be.
However, my goals are the following;

• Get corporations and big business out of politics and control of our
nation back into the hands of the people.

• Jumpstart massive job growth for US citizens

Blueprint for change:

Politicians, Elections, and the Federal Government

1. Eliminate corporate legal identity. Make it law that a corporation
cannot make any political contributions, of any kind, to anybody.
Think of it as the “If you can’t pull a voting lever, you can’t
participate” theory.
2. If you hold an elected federal political office, you cannot either
serve in the executive or judicial branches of government, or work for
a company that receives any public contracts, funds, or subsidies for
a minimum of 20 years after leaving office.
3. Senators are appointed by state legislatures
4. Congressman are elected for a 4 year term
5. The president is elected for a single 6 year term
6. Congress’ and the President’s election campaigns are solely funded
7. All federally elected officials salaries are indexed and equal to
the average American salary.
8. Federal judges are no longer appointed for life and only for a 10 year term.
9. Every law on the books, now, or in the future, applies to all
elected officials.
10. Make it law that no funds will be spent on any military action
whatsoever outside of the US, unless a declaration of war is formally
made, and then funded by, both houses of Congress.
11. Eliminate ALL federal laws that do not have something to do
DIRECTLY with interstate commerce, or activities foreign to the US
outside of any individual states jurisdiction. This means basically
repealing the 10th amendment as it is used today. It also means the
elimination of all federal gun laws and federal drug laws.
12. Eliminate the federal prison system and pass these duties over
time to the individual states, with violent criminals being
transferred to their state of residence. All non-violent federal
criminals are to be immediately paroled.
13. Eliminate the Federal Reserve.
14. Eliminate interstate banking. Only state chartered banks are
allowed. No bank in any one state may be owned, partially or wholly,
by a bank or corporation in another state.
15. Banks may not invest or participate in any securities or insurance
16. Do away with all electronic voting. There has to be a physical ballot cast.
17. The federal government must secure both US borders 100% using the
US military if required.
18. Establish a system to verify all employees are US citizens and not
illegal aliens.
19. All illegal aliens are to be immediately returned to their native country.

The Economy and Budget

1. Do not renew the Bushy tax cuts. Increase graduated taxes for those
making over $250,000 to a final tax rate of 75% for those making over
41 million.
2. Make all charitable contributions tax 100% deductible.
3. Cut defense spending by 50% immediately. Close all overseas bases.
Eliminate all advanced weapons programs.
4. Eliminate the Dept. of Homeland Security. It isn’t needed.
5. Do away with the federal retirement system, including military. If
Social Security is good enough for the majority of Americans, it’s
good enough for everyone. If you don’t like it, join the private
6. Cut the federal budget, other than Social Security and health care,
by 50% immediately.
7. Means test Social Security. Set a liberal minimum monthly amount
above the property level that a person needs to live. If you have
money coming in from other sources, develop a formula where that
individual’s Social Security is reduced accordingly. The object is to
provide a safety net.
8. Medicare. Do away with it as it exists now. Establish a single
payer system that covers everyone.
9. Foreign Aid. Most of this is weapons. Cancel it. No more foreign
aid at all, for any other country.
10. NAFTA. Revoke it. There is no such thing as “free trade”.
Establish a flat tariff system, based on the wholesale value of the
import, not on what it is or what it is made of, or where it came

Jobs and Education programs

1. All unemployed individuals receive a minimum amount of unemployment
benefits via the use of a debit card. The card can only be used for
food, medical products, utilities, and rent/mortgage payments.
2. Unemployed individuals in order to receive benefits, must be
actively seeking employment and must be enrolled in an accredited
education program.
3. All individuals will receive an education voucher for two years of
schooling to an accredited institution.
4. Implement an investment tax credit of 50% that allows a firm to
reduce its tax liability by a percentage of the investment it makes.
The investment tax credit must be used for equipment or construction
within the US, using only US labor, and using only products made 100%
in the USA.
5. Increase the corporate tax rate to 50% on all earnings of any
company located in the US, including overseas earnings if those
earnings were made on a product that was imported into and sold in the
6. Revoke Resident Alien Green Card holders right to hold a US job in
any state, unless that states unemployment rate is less than 7%.
7. Revoke automatic US citizenship for children of foreign nationals
born in the US.

Please let me know your thoughts by posting a comment. And please
don’t just criticize. What is your plan to get this country back on
it’s feet?