In any internet marketing campaign, the domain name that you choose is really important.
Having your main keyword or keyword phrase in the domain name gives
you a big boost in getting high search engine rankings. Do not make
the mistake of using your firm or business name as your domain. For
instance, lets say that your name is “John Blair”, you are a financial
advisor who specializes in annuities, you are located in Atlanta, GA,
and that your company name is “Blair & Co.” . Many people would say
that your domain name should be “’ or
“”. (by the way, that domain name is available!)
Your domain name needs to include your keyword and if you are a local
business, your geo identifier. In this case,
“” would be great! And yep, its
available. This is the domain name that you are going to promote.You
can also buy several domain names, including your business name just
to be safe. You can promote them too, and do a 301 redirect to your
main site (and not lose any link juice).

Also, always keep your customers in mind in when choosing a domain
name. What phrases will they be searching for. What keywords? That is
why you use keyword research. For instance, if you are an
orthodontist, it is much better to use the domain
“” than it is “”. Why?
Because 5 times more people search for the term “braces” than they do
for the term “orthodontist”.

Also, be sure to stick with the “big three”. Always get a .com,.net,
or .org domain extension. The others receive far less weight in Google
and the other search engines. Sorry, but that is just the way it is
right now.

Buying a domain name with your keywords in it is a key factor in
getting you to the top of Google’s organic search results.

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