Traffic, that is visits to your blog, generally come from three places;

  • Search engines
  • Marketing
  • Links from other blogs

The traffic a blog receives will be generally split up with 30% coming from other blogs, 30% from the search engines, and 40% from your regular readers. You need to make your blog as search friendly as possible to maximize the traffic you get from the search engines. This is called search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

You can improve your SEO by;

  • Linking back to your main home page and your blog home page. Search engine “spiders” generally attach more importance to a page with more links.
  • Use keywords within the post that  highlight the post title and the blog subject. Also, use different keywords in different articles.
  • Use page titles effectively. Don’t just use your name or company name in the title but also include a meaningful post title.

My next post will discuss how best to market your blog.